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The Environment

The environment is a huge priority for The House Maker. When we design and build houses, we have a responsibility to you – the future homeowner – to build a wonderful home. But we also have a big responsibility to the environment. We must be sensitive to the surrounding ecology, local area and our planet at large.  Our expert team ensure neither you nor the environment ever have to compromise.

So how do we do it? We source our materials responsibly, and only buy recycled or FSC certified timber. All of our homes are energy efficient, reducing their carbon footprint. We’re sensitive to the ecology of the site, and we actively promote sustainable living. Every effort counts.


Housing developments should never be built at the expense of existing wildlife. After all, this land was the home of plants, animals and their delicate ecosystems long before we arrived. We work with specialist teams to ensure the surrounding ecology is never damaged and only ever enhanced by our projects.

Ecological Impact Assessments are a vital part of the planning process. But this is not just a ‘tick in the box’ exercise. Instead, it allows us to identify ways to improve the local ecology – whether that’s a wildlife corridor, wetland area or careful selection of building materials. We’ll always go above and beyond for the environment.

Tree preservation

When we select a development site, we don’t expect the existing landscape to change beyond all recognition. If land is derelict or unused, our landscape architects use their creativity and vision to improve the environment. But we will always respect established trees and do all we can to preserve them.

Trees bring character and life to our projects. From majestic oaks to whimsical willows, we design our developments to work with and not against the surrounding natural habitat. Some trees are protected by a Tree Preservation Order, which means we take extra special care of their health with careful architectural choices.

Public open spaces

We don’t just build houses. We create communities. Alongside our groundbreaking homes, we design beautiful public open spaces for the enjoyment of both residents and local people.

At our Holly Bank development in Macclesfield, we are creating a huge area of park land including wildflower meadows, bat and bird boxes in mature trees and boardwalks across the wetlands. We’re even designing an outdoor classroom for local education, including log stools and a bug hotel. A great home goes far beyond four walls.

Water colour of the stream and meadow area in the public open space, Chester Road, Macclesfield.
Water colour of the stream and meadow area in the public open space, Chester Road, Macclesfield. Click to view larger version.


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When we build, let us think that we build for ever.

John Ruskin, Architect