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If you are interested in homes at Holly Bank, please complete our survey.
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    1. Hi Paul
      Thank you for filling in the survey. It will be around the end of 2016 before we are able to release any of the homes for sale at Holly Bank. If you want me to keep you updated, fill in one of our forms if you haven’t done already.


    2. Hi Paul, we won’t be starting on site until around Summer, this year, with properties not likely to be released until early 2017. We’ll keep you posted.

    1. Thank you for completing the survey. If you have registered by filling in one of the forms, we will keep you updated with information on the development. It is likely to be the end of 2016 at the earliest before we are releasing anything for sale.


    2. Our affordable properties on this development are two-bedroomed. I will let you know when I have more information about prices, etc, but likely to be Spring 2017.

    1. Hi Emma – thanks for filling in the survey. We have a lot of 3-4 bed 2.5 storey semis at Holly Bank. Have a look at the T2 house type layouts on the website.

    1. Likely to be early 2017 before we have anything to release for sale, or any confirmed prices. We may launch an early reservation scheme and will certainly let you know.

    1. I’ll let you know when we are launching our plot sales. We are likely to build in three phases. The first phase will probably be released early in 2017.

  1. Will any of the homes be up for rent through a local housing association?
    If so how many? And will there be any family homes included?

    1. One block of apartments will be for rent through a local housing association. There are also 6 affordable houses, each with two double bedrooms, it is likely that these will be shared ownership.

  2. We would like a 2 bedroom with a garden please, when will you know the prices and be letting people choose there homes?

    1. There are 6 two-bedroomed houses which are likely to be shared ownership. These have gardens. There are also two blocks of 9 apartments. One will be sold on the open market, one will be for rentals through a housing association. The remaining properties at Holly Bank will be 3 and 4 bedroomed semi-detached and detached houses. We are hoping to be able to launch properties for sale later on this year.

    1. The architect’s drawings and site plan are on the Holly Bank section of the site. No prices are fixed yet though.

      1. Hi Tina,
        Can I presume that the people showing interest will receive emails or notice when properties are available to look at?

        1. Hi Sarah, yes we will be sending out regular updates throughout the year and will notify anyone who has registered interest as soon as properties are released for sale.

    1. Our Holly Bank development will not be ready until Spring 2017. We will probably be releasing properties for sale at the end of this year.

    1. Hi Karen – there will be 3 beds on the development at Holly Bank. We are expecting to launch advance registrations around Spring Time next year. It will be summer 2017 at the earliest before properties are ready.

    1. Hi Jess, we are hoping that some 3 beds will be ready for summer 2017 and are likely to be launching our advance reservation scheme around Spring 2017. Use our Register form to ensure you receive regular updates.

      1. Thankyou for the reply, were hoping to purchase one of the 3 bed semis when they are ready! Just querying when will prices or estimated prices be released? Will they be around the 190-200k mark?

        1. Hi Jess, we won’t be releasing any properties for sale at Holly Bank until at least Summer 2017. Prices are not fixed yet but based on the square footages, the semi-detached homes will be over £200,000.

    1. You may be able to reserve early 2016 but it is unlikely that any of the homes will be ready until Summer 2017. Register your details on our form and we will keep you up-to-date with developments.

  3. hi. interested in a 2 bed help to buy with drive and garden. ive filled in the form but not had any news upto now.
    my mum has even phoned for a brochure but we haven’t received it.
    when will these be ready?

    1. Hi Ellie. Fill in the “register interest” form and you will be added to our mailing list for updates. Still expecting to launch/confirm prices Spring 2017.

    1. Hi Joyce, I’ll add you to our mailing list and keep you updated. It will probably be towards the end of 2017 before we are launching properties for sale and confirming prices.

    1. Hi Pete, we are expecting to start on site around summer time with a view to releasing properties for sale towards the end of the year.

  4. Hi looking for 2 bed properties, interested in apartments, terraces and semi detached. First time buyer, looking to purchase this year and would like to know prices asap!

    Thanks, Holly

    1. Hi Holly, we are hoping to release properties for sale towards the end of the year. Prices will be confirmed at that time. I’ll keep you updated.

  5. Hi Tina
    I noticed that this development will now be ready at the end of this year, are any of the plots available to reserve early next month (Spring 2017)? I’ve completed the survey and joined the mailing list already.

    1. Hi Brittina, Due to other developments we are working on, we are probably a year off launching these properties for sale. We’ll keep you up-to-date with our plans.

  6. Hi,
    Looking to buy our first home, 3-bed, this year. Can I be added to the mailing list to be alerted when these houses are up for sale please? Thank you!

    1. Hi Adam, we are later starting on site than expected. The best estimate I have at the moment is around Summer 2017 with plots being released for sale at the end of the year/early 2018. If you have registered interest, you will be on our mailing list and we’ll keep you updated. Tina

  7. Hi,

    We are looking to buy our first home and we are interested in either of the two or three bed houses. Could I be added to the mailing list to be alerted when the house prices are posted and when the plots are being released please?

    Many thanks,

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