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Introducing the people who turn a simple postcode into a thriving community. Here they reveal all about life in the local area.

From the local pub landlord to the shop around the corner, we’ve had a chat to key figures in the community. Find out what they have to say.

Macclesfield is close to our new homes at Home Farm Barns.

Edgworth is close to our new homes at The Rise, Crowthorn.



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Edgworth 2

I love the tension between different objects and different cultures and I always let the space I am restoring inspire me. In decorating a house it is as exciting for me to bring out its history as it is to suit the character of the present owners, who must, of course, feel comfortable in their home. Above all, my task is to give things and people a better place in the world.


Alex Vervoordt, Story of a Style